AMHRC condemns racist remarks by Salonika Mayor Yiannis Boutaris in Melbourne

The AMHRC condemns the racist remarks made by the Mayor of Salonika (Thessaloniki in Greek and Solun in Macedonian), Yiannis Boutaris. In an interview with the Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos which appeared in the Greek on-line version of the newspaper (25/11/2014), he stated: "My family hails from Kruševo [a town located in the Republic of Macedonia] but I find it very hard to say this is Macedonia...we should not forget that these people are Bulgarians. There is no Macedonian language. All this was created by Tito...."

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MHR Review - Issue #20 - September 2014

Download the MHR Review - Issue #20 - September 2014 edition here (PDF - 3MB)

In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • MHR ReviewWhat is Old is New - Dr. Vasko Nastevski
  • News in Brief - Mitch Belichovski
  • To & From SBS - Dr. Chris Popov
  • To EU Members of Parliament - OMO
  • In Response to Ignorance - Dr. Stojko Stojkov
  • Golden Dawn in Australia - AMHRC
  • My Adventures in Darkest Europe - Victor Bivell
  • Radical Islamism - Tom Vangelovski
  • Urbanisation and Social Problems in Macedonia - Victor Sinadinoski
  • Macedonian Folk Poetry - Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • Greek Propaganda 1900-1903 - Dr. Dimitar Ljorovski Vamvakovski
  • Macedonians in Melnik & Musomishte
  • "Non-Existent" Macedonians Celebrate - Dimitri Jovanov

Download the MHR Review - Issue #20 - September 2014 edition here (PDF - 3MB)

AMHRC condemns US Ambassador-designate Baily’s description of Macedonians as “Slavs”

24 September 2014 (Melbourne, Australia)

On 17 September 2104, at a hearing in front of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Ambassador-designate to Macedonia, Jess Baily, made the following statement:

"I would note that within the fabric of Macedonian society there are more than ‘Slavs and Albanians’. There are Turks, there are Roma and others, so this is a microcosm in many ways of the richness of the Balkans and to get all those populations to see a common future, I think the US can play important role given our own history and our own set of values.”

His answer was in response to a question from Senator Chris Murphy, Chairman of the Committee in the American Senate who asked:

"You touched on some recent concerns raised about ethnic tensions within Macedonia, of course, ethnic reconciliation is a key element of lasting regional peace in the Balkans and so, you’ve got a Slavic majority, an Albanian minority, you’ve got reports of rising tensions and you got, as you mentioned, the Ohrid Agreement. Um….what’s your understanding of where the Ohrid Agreement stands…………?"

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AMHRC calls upon Australian Government to deny Greek "Neo Nazi" group MPs entry into Australia

Melbourne, Australia

27 August 2014

The Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) is deeply concerned about reports that European Parliament MPs from the Greek political party Golden Dawn, Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios, are set to visit Australia in October in order to “raise funds and increase awareness among Greek-Australians” according to a statement by Golden Dawn's Australian representative.

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MHR Review - Issue #19 - June 2014

Download the MHR Review - Issue #19 - June 2014 edition here (PDF - 5MB)

MHR Review - Issue 19In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • Nova Zora’s 4th Birthday Party – George Vlahov
  • An Interview with Dimitri Jovanov – David Vitkov
  • News in Brief – Mitch Belichovski
  • Funding for Macedonian Language Classes in Albania
  • MHRMI Condemns Harassment of Dimitras
  • To Reuters – Dr. Chris Popov
  • To New International – Dr. Chris Popov
  • Macedonians in Bulgaria – Dr. Stojko Stojkov
  • The Macedonian Elections – Dr. Chris Popov
  • A Perfidious Plan – Dr. Dimitri Ljorovski Vamvakovski
  • Proposed Changes to the RDA – Dr. Chris Popov
  • The Works of Slavko Janevski – Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • An Interview with Alex Marcou – John Tsiglev

Download the MHR Review - Issue #19 - June 2014 edition here (PDF - 5MB)


Мелбурн, 3/7/2014 – во месец мај 2014г.првиот човек на МАНУ, академик Владо Камбовски,изјави дека оваа врвна македонска научна иституција има намера да го одбележува големиот македонски национален празник Илинден заедно со Бугарската Академија на Науките (БАН).  Намерата е преку “работни групи”  научниците да разговараат за проблемите со кои се соочуени во обид да се урнат бариерите на политиката меѓу Бугарија и Македонија.  При неговата посета на Македонија , првиот човек на БАН, Стефан Воденичаров, ја даде следната изјава:”При толкување на историските теми треба да се гледа исклучиво на фактите. Треба да се погледнат фактите и да се слушнат аргументите, а не секој на свој начин тоа да го толкува. Научниците треба да зборуваат за историјата, а не политичарите. За таа цел договоривме да направиме работни групи кои ќе разговараат точно за проблемите со кои се соочуваме“.

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