International Paralympic Committee - Show that you Respect Macedonia's Name

Toronto and Melbourne (1st September 2016)

Macedonian Paralympians, like their Olympian counterparts, will be forced to enter the Rio Paralympics Opening Ceremony behind the letter “E” for “Ex”, putting a regional twist on the infamous “F” for “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. The Paralympic website, like the Olympic one, lists Macedonia under “T” for “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. Depending on the local language, Macedonian athletes have entered behind many letters, except M, of course, for the actual name of their country, Macedonia. Furthermore, Macedonian athletes are not permitted to use their own country name on their uniforms. See Macedonian sprinter, Riste Pandev, in the photo below racing against athletes from Indonesia, Afghanistan and Gabon. Pandev's uniform is blank. What an Olympic-sized slap in the face.

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MHRMI and AMHRC demand an apology from the IOC for disrespecting Macedonia

Toronto & Melbourne
August 12, 2016

The Olympic charter claims that "The practice of sport is a human right." As is using your own country’s name. Once again, Macedonian athletes were forced to walk in behind the letter "F" for "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (or its equivalent) at the Olympic opening ceremonies. In Rio, it was “E” for “Ex”, in Sochi, “B” for the Russian word for “former”, and it’s the standard “F” in English-speaking countries. Any letter except “M” for “Macedonia” has become a hallmark of the IOC. The sheer size of the sign that said “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” in the Parade of Nations shows the extent to which the IOC buckles when faced with Greek opposition to Macedonia’s name.

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MHR Review - Issue #25 – June 2016

Download the MHR Review - Issue #25 – June 2016 edition here (PDF – 5.3MB)

In this edition of the MHR Review:

  • A Call for Responsible Citizenship - AMHRC
  • The Crisis Continues - George Vlahov
  • An Interview with Jorgos Papadakis - David Vitkov
  • EFA Condemns Golden Dawn Racists
  • 'The Macedonian' in the EU Parliament - EFA
  • GHM on Freedom of Association in Greece - Panayote Dimitras
  • News in Brief - Mitch Belichovski
  • Australian Census Information - AMHRC
  • Australia Should Recognise Macedonia - Dr. Chris Popov
  • London's Mayor & the Name Dispute - Bill Nicholov
  • MHRMI Press Releases
  • Author and Poet Igor Isakovski - Dr. Michael Seraphinoff
  • An Interview with Michael Bakrnčev - John Tsiglev
  • 32nd Annual AMHRC Dinner Photos - Diane Kitanoski
  • AMHRC Hosts Melbourne Screening of 'The Macedonian'
  • Annual Human Rights Report on Bulgaria - OMO "Ilinden" PIRIN

Download the MHR Review - Issue #25 – June 2016 edition here (PDF – 5.3MB)

2016 Australian Census | Information for the Macedonian Community

10 May 2016

Australia’s 17th national Census of Population and Housing will be held on Tuesday 9th August 2016. In order to ensure that the Macedonian community in Australia is accurately identified, it is essential that each and every person takes care in the manner in which they answer the questions in Census 2016.

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2016 Film Night

Featuring three documentary films..."The Macedonian", "People Without a Country" and "Begaltsi".

DATE: Friday 17th June 2016

VENUE: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre, Corner of Bell St & St Georges Rd, Preston, VIC 3072

DOORS OPEN: 7:45pm

TICKETS: $25 per person


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